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  1. Is it possible to mdifie the strenght of nuclear bombs and their construction rate? Add some new technologies? Lower the strenght of the first 2 models of atomic bombs, you would need 40-50 of the first model instead of 1 in order to devastate a major city, like at the beginning of doomsday. To compensate for that, increase the increase in production rate brought about by new technologies. That way, the first few atomic bombs would be no game-changer, the player would need at least a few more years at least to produce hundreds of atomic bombs and really turn the tide. After the hydrogen bomb, 2 more technologies. Heavy Hydrogen Bomb, this would meant to be something of the scale of Tsar-Bomba, something meant to be in the 100-150 megaton range. Possibly this one can only be loaded on a supersonic intercontinental bomber or an ICBM, the you would load 2 or more atomic icons instead of 1, very effective. For research, the player needs general equippement, technical efficiency and industry before nuclear physics and calculations Accelerated production speed, to at least partially reflect the historical growth of the number of atomic warheads in the 1950s and early 60s. Building Manpower, in a specific province in the same manner the player can build industrial capacity, infrastructure, land forts and other such things. Of course, it would be a lot more expensive, 500 or more MP and 80 money to house all that extra population. That way, the population of a country can grow in-game, as can expected in a period of 25-30 years and if you are carefull, you can get your population to double or more. You also get to direct the direction of that growth, make sure it stay away from easy rech or even make historically insignificant or small provinces/cities into major ones. Atlanta, Panama and New Orleans becoming the largest cities of the United States, without other cities having to face atomic attacks or annexation. I mean, If you can remove MP with atomic attacks, shouldn´t it be possible to add some too? Alternatively, manpower growth could be regularly accelerated through events. Some other ideas. Option to disperse industrial capacity and manpower, kind of like uncle Joe moving his industry east and Chinese moving their industry west when facing Japanese attacks, this makes atomic bombings and general strategic attacks less devastating. Land forts reduces atomic attack effects on MP, strenght/organization of military units (if on defensive stance) and IC. Toughtening-up technologies with features such as structurally sound factories, pressure-resistant bunkers, oxygene reserves, reinforced underground tunnel network, explosice charges(to get clear of ruines) etc. This makes cities/provinces more resistant to damage by atomic and other strategic attacks, it also gives a major defense bonus. That way, a major power could be hit by a lot of atomic bombs, would be weakened but still able to at least put up some fight. Ballistic missile, there are just 3 types of them, there should be more. For those player who don´t want to use atomic bombs, there should be some sort of heavy cluster warhead ballistic missile, only slightly more costly than an ICBM but, without atomic warhead, much more devastating. Capable of hitting, destroying an aircraft carrier in a single blow or significantly damage a whole fleet, destroy 1 or 2 factories, good at weakening coastal fortifications. Possibly, ballistic missiles combined with research into transistors and early computer technology allows to effectively blockade for example Britain with ballistic missiles hitting convoys and you can get your missile batteries to support submarine attacks. Once Britain relies mostly on its own ressources to support its war effort, the player or AI can launch the air campaign. At lest that way, it would not seem completely impossible that the 3rd Reich or some other power is able to seize the British islands years, even a decade after the USA joined the war.