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Une première bêta pour un correctif

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Le patch "Red Ball Express (1.1)" est sorti.


Changelog :



- It is now possible to set a command group to execute orders in different manners: carefully, balanced, and rush.
- Added achievements indicator in game setup telling you if you can get achievements or not
- Now possible to start from scratch with an empty division template by selecting New in the designer drop down

- Tweaked deployment AI to not get crippled when their armies are taking damage.
- Air mission AI is better at prioritizing the most important regions in stead of getting stuck in local optima of groups of regions.
- Tweaked down AI desire for motorized a bit.
- Added scriptable AI strategy to tweak factory assignment to equipment types and SIGNIFICANTLY boosted fighter production.
- Tweaked up AI production balance for infantry equipment.
- Tweaked guarantee desire to go down the more enemies a country has. Should keep Allies from going guarantee crazy while in wars.
- Added a define for min steps for unit controller to strategically redeploy to front location and boosted it from 4 to 8 to reduce lots of small redeployments along fronts.
- Made AI capable of determining if a template was created by them or not. Germany should no longer replace their divisions with templates from Austria.
- Tweaked area defense and pocket handling AI to be better at handling coastal defense.
- Tied countries naval base IC fraction to their naval AI focus, primarily meaning Germany will not be building as many of them, at least initially.
- Improved unitcontrollers capability to recognize when units should join as support in a combat (effects both player and AI).
- The AI now launches naval invasions against the same enemy area at the same time rather than separately.
- Tweaked AI template designing
- Having a common enemy will now make AI very accepting to granting and accepting military access as long as both are democracies.
- Neutral countries now consider guarantees when deciding on which faction it would rather join.
- AI is now properly checking if having common enemy when looking at asking for and granting military access, and is also more eager to do
- Soviet and Germany should no longer bail from the Unholy alliance as soon as they can
- AI containment score no longer goes massively negative if a major is farther away than germany meaning Allies can guarantee vs soviet aggression if they are worse than Germany
- Made non-core states count as half compared to core states when deciding on number of units for area defense.
- Added Women in Aviation to historical focus list for soviet
- Moved Claims in Baltic up the historical focus list for soviet
- Improved AI naval deployment to strategic regions 
- Tweaked front assignment AI. Should mean AI is better at multi front wars.
- Further tweaks to AI front assignment to attempt to reduce bad stuff happening in multi front wars.
- Further tweaked the AI front balancing, and made sure France does not completely mess up their Italian front and Germany pushes hard against Poland when war breaks out 
- AI should now be able to respond to naval invasions with naval bombers 
- Made sure fascist majors are much more likely to go for war economy 
- Polish AI will no longer randomly change its ideology by picking ministers
- AI should no longer use garrison divisions as infantry.
- Changed trigger condition for UK focus Benelux Intervention to require a bit more fascist/communist support, preventing the AI from taking it immediately. 
- Naval AI will now deploy all its fleets (previously it would generally deploy less than 1/3 of all its ships). AI will now split fleets it cannot find a mission for, allowing it to spread them out better
- AI is now able to set naval bombers to try to prevent others from sending reinforcements over water.
- Tweaked AI down prio of non war/dangerous fronts.
- AI will no longer guarantee against leaders of other naughty factions (like soviet) if there is a much much worse faction around doing bad stuff (Axis) 
- AI nations will no longer spam you with requests for military access at game start and nations who would rather occupy someone than liberate wont ask for military access
- AI can now feed puppets/liberated/change government countries with states in peace conferences giving much saner outcomes
- Made sure unitcontroller does not interfere with retreating units.
- German 1939 OOB now lists the good armor template last so ai will prefer it
- Made sure that template design AI puts a motorized together with armored when making new templates.
- Made AI look more at fitness when picking template for designing, upgrading and deployment.
- Improved how AI calculates which is a garrison template (making it pick the proper one as infantry.)
- ai now avoids putting nations that have very small bottleneck borders as main enemy
- ai now prioritize fighters and medium armor more for research
- Countries at war are no longer automatically assuming war will happen with non neutral neighbors (the Germany putting everyone against Soviet thing.)
- ai no longer retains main enemies who have already gotten wiped out
- Germany no longer goes justification crazy on south america
- Romania and Yugoslav small armor templates on start no longer deathtraps for AI
- AI should no longer ping-pong between trade laws in edge case
- US AI now a lot more hesitant to join factions due to threat
- fixed add_ai_strategy effect and added strategies where countries are added in faction from event or focus
- AI will now prioritize better economic laws a lot more
- Fixed typo in polish AI focus

- Division designer difference indicators now have tooltips showing how much
- Added open air base button to the air mission entry 
- Now shift+click on the category in the production will make visible only that category 
- Interface tweaks so long texts in other languages does fit in several places
- Added buttons for airwing limit to make easier to adjust values in big steps
- Now navy commander can now also be assigned while fleet is not in the port 
- Added tooltip and toggling icon to indicate if current settings let you unlock achievements 
- You can now merge fleets that are not in the same location, the merging fleet will then travel to its merge target and then merge with it. 
- Now it is possible to assign airplanes to a mission area before the arrive to the new base 
- Division template window has now better tooltips for equipment, manpower, training time.
- Clarified "no trading while fighting"-tooltip
- Added yellow highlight to deployment date for units
- Changed string format for convoys in topbar to prevent overflow 
- Opinion in interface will now also return a value capped between min and max values
- removed useless decimals in logistics screen 
- Logistics screen now show 1 decimal when over 1k 
- Intel viewing of airplanes don't show fantasy numbers anymore
- Now air base icons shown non empty only if there are players air wings

- Fixed issue when sometimes frontlines was not updated after occupation.
- Now Nation A liberates Nation B if Nation B is friend or giving military access to Nation A, otherwise occupies
- Fixing quiting to menu achivement bug 
- Fixed some focus that couldnt be aborted 
- Fixed issue where it was impossible to do naval transfers where you have the theatres. Also player couldn't RMB on some naval ports but the systems allowed for the transportation (GUI issue).
- Building cosntruction triggers checked for owned state/province. Now checks for controlled instead 
- Added on_action to the add_to_faction effect which should fix lack of achivements for faction joining 
- Modified flags for Holland 
- Fixed so equipment cost list doesn´t cut of 11th entry in div designer 
- Efficiency retention techs now actually help (no efficiency loss at max all techs now!)
- Fixed spelling error in FRA, BRAZ for "Ottowa"-class ship
- Intel overview of nation now also lists airplanes in stockpile
- The political advisor type "Ideological Crusader", which are supposed to increase same ideology opinion with 20%, now has an effect. 
- Added custom trigger description depending on type of idea for better tooltips 
- Border occupation now account situations when you attack trough the country which is from the same war, but not in the same faction, plus border flip afterwards also account for countries from the same war. 
- The game option "Pause on Notifications" now also pauses NF/research. 
- Proper data cleanup when kicked, banned, connection lost, server lost.
- Fixed glitch in the front sections calculations, causing sometimes the fronts to be split/malformed.
- Skybox is no longer visible when you toggle UI off
- Changed font on animated map text so it show cryllic and polish characters
- Fixed fighter icon for polish dlc
- Fixed text on Mod tools button in launcher that didn't fit in Spanish
- Kick and ban buttons in mp lobby should now be aligned (important!)
- Maldives now looks a tad better, changed the heightmap, made some of the islands smaller and nudged unit positions 
- Fixed script error in Pearl Harbor Gambit focus 
- Carrier deck size now matches everywhere.
- No longer allowed to declare war on someone you are fighting a war together with.
- Convoy count in topbar now can show 5 digits
- Fixed Issue where long air region names goes out of dedicated area 
- Added triggers to block multiple news event options 
- Fixed issue when take all states action did not changed the price when other country puppet the loser 
- Drawing offensive orders now takes better choice which def.line to attach the arrow to. 
- Added ability to disable debug saves and made them turned off as default 
- Added bypass to Pearl Harbor gambit focus for USA 
- Fixed malformed frontlines against master/puppet for countries being in faction with the master. 
- Disabled the system_debug.log when not running with "-debug" launch option.
- Fixed pausing of the game on the fullscreen 
- Patched mysterious issue when airbase was lost and the air wings still remained in void space. Now they are send back to the warehouse.
- Fix for flickering airbase icon in the airbase view 
- Nations who are done in a peace deal will no longer give remaining points to anyone in faction, just people with same ideology
- Parts of unit map icons will no longer "trap" the zoom-in with mouse
- Fixed artillery starting with 0 defense 
- Now peaceconference saves will happen only with -debug while start up 
- Now occupation breakdown updates properly after exiting to main menu 
- Fixed occupation rules
- Fixed a bug where you could avoid civil war by inviting back trotsky 
- Warscore from bombing is now saved in save game.
- Warscore from bombing is now much lower + added monthly falloff.
- Fixed issues with country rules not clearing properly and not updating every day
- Added special case for showing shortcut icons "," and "." 
- Changed price calculation for new divisions so now it does not add up cost for group if it is first group
- Increased modifier that prevents spain from joining axis early 
- Fixed bug where a country without the rule of occupying neutral countries could occupy them.
- Fixed the bug when airings manpower was not updated
- King G now only dies once 
- Browser now remembers last page 
- Naval strikes can now also hit navally transfered troops outside combats 
- Added event that allows merges of 2 communist chinas 
- Fix for peace conference turns not taking scor einto consideration properly 
- Fixed bug where it was possible to send a single unit as exp.force twice!
- Changed a lot of popus to use the definite article 
- Fixed a bug that gave USA extra PP for certain NF 
- Warscore is no longer added from dropped countries in war merging.
- Trade routes over land now get correct tooltip on day 1 
- Factories from trade now used to fill construction and trade first
- Fixed join faction achievement not firing. Fixed scope from add_to_faction effect
- Fixed Soviet civil war triggering multiple times. Fixed 2 outcomes of not purging happening at the same time.
- Leaving a faction no longer broke the entire supply system until save reload
- Fixed issue where merging ships would reduce manpower
- Removed EU4 hints folder.
- Fixed the bug when Britain couldn't declare war on other democratic countries despite having a wargoal from focus

Database & Balance
- Changed German democratic party to Zentrum 
- NF completion for Poland 39 start 
- Fixed spanish communist crusader using male portrait
- Focus Lessons of War and Sov-Ger research agreement now give less armor research
- Added AFG leader portrait Zahir Shah, VEN leader portrait Lopez Contreras and 3 new middle eastern generic portraits 
- Replaced incorrect japanese general 
- Added Xi'an to PRC 
- Added straits to denmark to make them more surrendermonkeys [Balance]
- Several name corrections in OOB files
- Province 3860 is now a part of state 527 instead of 328. (Manchuria/Korea) 
- Added an event to move PRC capital to Beijing or Nanjing after Chinese Civil War. 
- Added a requirement of more than 15% world tension to War Economy policy.
- Removed Hungarian claims from Northern Transylvania and Vojvodina
- Removed generic Tank Designer idea from Canada. 
- Moved Sao Paulo to be part of the Sao Paulo state. 
- Found a better Serbian fascist party leader.
- Adjustment to Paraguay and Nicaraguan political 36 and 39 starts.
- Republican Spain and Nationalist Spain now have the same National Unity
- Added more ai_choice triggers for Czechoslovakia's response to German demands.
- Added localisation for Libyan adjectives 
- Changed names for neutral Nicaragua and Paraguay
- Fixed Finland starting as democratic in 1939 
- Added ENG cores to French cores when Anglo-French Union happens 
- If the Munich agreement can't happen (depending on various wars for GER or CZE) CZE will now get a different event about ceding the Sudetenland or giving GER a wargoal. 
- Soviet now gets one armor research bonus and one land doctrine, rather than three armor research. 
- Fate of Czechoslovakia now correctly adds claims and an annex CB if CZE resists GER. 
- Fixed text overflow in Balearic Islands headline. 
- Expanded the final event for RAJ's Azad Hind, and added several removal points for the Azad Hind idea.
- Removed eng core from state 687-British Guyana 
- Added fixedsize to countrystate view state owner and foreign claims 
- Fixed heightmap error on denmark
- Fixed so all building in the maldives are on land again
- German march order music now has correct path
- State name corrections.
- Added names for (unreleased) country tags.
- Lowered time for Demand Balearic islands for Italy 
- Moved capital of Brazil to Rio 
- Subdue the Warlords now requires that China does not exist or is a puppet of Japan 
- Johnson Island Garrison renamed to Johnston Island Garrison 
- Corrected JAP_1939 unit history. 
- Fixed a bug where an achievement wouldn't fire because of it was using any_country trigger
- Soviet foci New Soviet Man and Women in Aviation have switched places 
- Added general to Ireland 
- Nerfed skill 5 generals for BRA AST AFG CAN 
- Changed German Admirals traits for variety 
- Bumped population of some of the smaller islands 
- Changed ideology of country leader for DEN FIN FRA NOR SWE 
- Changed start trade to use factories instead of specific amount of factories for trade 
- Increased air range on rocket interceptors now that local coverage isnt always 100%
- Mass assault doctrine now gets -10% lower requirement on training for deploying divisions
- Political parties and leaders for Brazil. From forum.
- Great depression now limits faction joining at an extra 20%
- Human pause now has a superior priority to the automatic pause
- Fixed issue with fleet splitting failing because it forgot to assign base
- Now state controller switches properly after capitulation
- Added 3 new generic asian stateleader portraits and 2 new generic asian warlord portraits 
- Added 6 new generic Arabian portraits
- Sheng Shicai got a minor facelift
- USA now gets a slightly different shade of blue to differentiate them from france
- Fixed inconsistent finnish flags 
- Added additional flags for Jordan 
- Fixed Israeli leader portraits
- Fixed bugs in event for china moving capital
- Lowered time for National focus "support nationalist spain" so Italy can complete it before the SCW ends
- Typos and political party fixes for Brazil
- around maginot line focus now a bit faster
- Rebalanced ships so that armor is more important and destroyer spam no longer rules the sea. Ships are also a bit cheaper to produce but require a little more manpower 
- air battles should now be a lot less bloody and slower paced
- Fighters should now have an easier time vs enemy bombers without escorts

Stability & Performance
- Will no longer overwrite ironman saves if writing of current failed 
- Optimizations for air interface and mapmode 
- Parser now handles large tokens without crashing on savegame load 
- Optimization for releasing countries
- Fixed several memory leaks
- Fixed CTD for airwing transfer when base in invalid
- Fix for potential CTD in splitting navy when you have no home base.
- Fixed rare ctd when loading an old savegame from ingame with active naval combats
- Fixed several rare CTDs
- fixed rare CTD in alert manager
- fixed rare CTD in air gui
- Improved performance a lot when viewing a lot of unit icons in combat
- Fixed a possible CTD on fleet merging
- Fixed Extreme slow down because of sea locked fleets trying to get out.
- Fixed CTD in history writing when convoys shoot down aircraft and having lost their route

User Modding
- Added possibility to script in historical aces in name pools
- Moved dynamic country tags into a separate file
- Manpower in field trigger no longer counts expeditionary forces from other nations
- Fixed issues with tooltip for ships in port trigger 
- Added defines to tweak unit assignment importance for different kinds of orders.
- Added possibility to script desired amount of factories to spend on a trade
- Fixed crash from default bookmark being later than 1936
- Added add_ai_strategy effect
- In debug mode the country flag tooltip will now show AI strategy values
- Fixed map icon crash from having more than 128 country capitals in view
- Fixed country unit names list being incorrectly initialized during modding leading to CTD

- Supplysystem should now update for all players when changing country controller (OOS fix)
- Observers no longer get asked for co-op acces as well as main player


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Oubli d'un image très très importante... :siffle:

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les premiers tests sur les pertes aeriennes sont tres positifs, beaucoup plus equilibré

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Je viens de lancer une partie en observateur et le déroulement de la guerre est pas trop mal.

La France c'est fait en mars 39....L'Allemand est passer par le sud,vus que l'Italien avait fait une grosse breche.La France est tomber mais pas de vichy et la Belgique et Pays Bas sont toujours la.(L'allemand a un plan d'attaque mais ne l'enclenche pas car trop risque)

Un gros debarquement en provence (15-20 divisions) qui a été contrer par l'Italien tant bien que mal.

L'Italien a vite pris le magreb et le soudan avant de se faire contre-attaque par le british.


L'espagne nationaliste a gagner!!


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à noter qu'à partir du patch 1.33 (qui vient de sortir en béta), le support de HOI IV sous VISTA n'est plus effectif (tout comme STELLARIS depuis quelques MàJ).


En gros, vous obtenez comme moi un non lancement du jeu ! "HOI IV a cessé de fonctionner..."


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quelques images de twitter de nouveau :



le petit bouton pour avoir toutes ses divisions avec un commandant!





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Les notes de changements complètes de la 1.4 :



# VERSION 1.4 "Oak"

# Death or Dishonor Country Pack
- New focus trees, generals, companies, and ministers for Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia including alternate history paths.
- New 3d models for vehicles, planes and infantry as well as accompanying 2d art for the new nations
- 3 new war themed music tracks by composer Andreas Waldetoft
- Voice over sounds for infantry units in Czechoslovakia, Romania and Hungary
- You can now License Produce equipment from other nations
- Added Equipment conversion ability on production lines that allow you to convert older equipment to newer and/or self-propelled models
- Added 2 new industry techs that allow you to improve conversion efficiency
- New subject levels for fascist nations: Satellite, Reichsprotectorate and Reichskommisariat
- Added 10 new achievements

# Free Features & Important
- All new air controls and interfaces including new air combat screen
- Air missions and wings now visible and selectable on map with ranges etc
- Radar now more visible with ranges on map that can be toggled
- Added possibility to rename air wings and added historical naming schemes to most nations
- Its now possible to stop being capitulated by getting back to 90% and recovering your capital. Rules show on war participant items when they have the capitulate icon up.
- Grabbing territory occupied by others in peace conferences now much more expensive
- Several changes to map and strategic areas for better play
- New impassable borders and areas (Sahara) making warfare in certain parts of the world much more interesting
- Updated interfaces for War overview. Now with more casualties, strength and industry shown.
- Updated interface for Trade for easier overview and easier checking of convoys

# AI
- Made AI not bother with fallback orders if the area they would be defending is tiny. Makes the AI better at pushing after landing a naval invasion.
- Made unitcontroller units more decisive in where they are going, as well as various tweaks and fixes to reduce shuffling.
- Significant improvements to front balancing( Units should be far less likely to abandon parts of the front and far better at spreading units out across the front )
- Units controlled by the front should now cancel orders that are heading towards provinces that are no longer part of the front
- Fixed bug that would cause units to get very poorly assigned when an attack order auto splits ( for instance when it reaches its target at a province at the center of the order )
- Improved AI focus a little bit, making idea evaluation a little better.
- Tweaked what it means for a front to have the same value for highest and lowest prio score. Used to cause some fronts to never move.
- Made sure the AI is not trying to upgrade specialist templates before it has the tech.
- Removed mobile template designs, because the AI cannot handle them properly.
- Found and fixed an issue that could lead to AI not assigning units to a plan.
- Found and fixed some rare situational plan activation bugs.
- Fixed to pretty nasty issues with plan activation that caused France to act dumber than usual and charge across the Maginot line again.
- Fixed major booboo that cause AI to often just redraw attack plans
- AI now rebuilds attack plans if they are almost done and getting stuck
- Fixed issue with SOV putting an anti tank battalion in their infantry divisions
- Made sure AI does not convert equipment, for now. AI is better off using what it has than trying to optimize through conversion.
- Tweaked what AI sees as an easy target and weak units for better front activation.
- Overhauled AI plan activation and mode setting.
- Fixed mistake in AI fortification evaluation for plan activation, and made them better at taking advantage of weaknesses in fortified enemy fronts.
- AI will now respect impassable borders when drawing plans.
- Fixed a case of redundant unit shuffle.
- Implemented scriptable production prio per template target.
- Made sure 4 hour rule applies when changing attack target.
- Tons of AI template design bugfixes, improvements and tweaks in both code and script for many of the majors, as well as in the general script for other countries.
- Integrated logic for adding battalions together with replace so both options are evaluated at the same time.
- Found a mistake in template match calculation and fixed it. Now seem 100% solid.
- AI non capital area garrison order no longer guards the whole coast.
- Fixed bug in template match score calculation that could cause some countries to get stuck and not develop any new templates.
- Made sure rounding error does not break unit distribution on fronts.
- Tweaked port building desire based on AI naval focus.
- AI production tweaks taking role changes into account.
- Germany and Soviet are now able to field anti armor divisions.
- Soviet and Germany should now prioritize tank destroyer technology as they are facing enemies with increasing armor.
- Added first pass anti armor roles for Germany and Soviet as well as AI test scripts for it.
- Implemented caching of armor and piercing values per country as well as intel functions to get some of them (others can be added as needed, but keeping).
- Tiny change in AI personality; being hostile towards someone now also means they want to weaken them.
- Made custom icons for AI templates scriptable.
- Increased priority for infantry expert for Japan.
- Trying out Japan starting out doing army primacy.
- AI can handle reinforce priority better when designing templates.
- It is now possible to script reinforcement prio for AI templates, and the AI can handle it.
- Rather drastic changes that effect how many troops end up in Africa.
- Fixed bug in AI deciding on which templates are best for production.
- Improved unitcontroller front shuffling when fighting.
- Improved distance factor for unitcontroller handling fronts during wars.
- Germany no longer loves spending time on motorized.
- Improved Germany AI garrison template.
- Improved AI garrison template design. AI now badly wants to assign garrison units to garrison orders and will avoid assigning armor to garrison or naval invasion orders.
- Separated strategies for building ships, airplanes and land units in order to make saves work with roles.
- Added trigger for if AI has fielded divisions of a certain role for AI testing and template scripting.
- Germany should now be able to design and field garrison units.
- Template roles should now be saved along with deployment lines (they get assigned one to make sure the count per role to build is proper.)
- AI template design progression now works as earlier, but locked within role.
- Roles now exist in upgrading templates and deployment.
- The AI should now be sending and recalling expeditionaries intelligently.
- Removed silly AI code that could potentially lead to AI only front shuffling.
- Fixed the bug when air ai would not deploy any air wings if no airwings deployed already
- Fixed the bug when air AI was too focus on naval air superiority rather than getting air superiority in land combat areas
- Fixed the bug when air AI prioritized own units on friendly territory, rather own units on own territory
- Now AI logic for request and recieve lend-lease equipment should be consistent with each other
- tweaked China's templates so they try to aim for something less industrially costly until strong enough (burn manpower!)
- fixed a case where AI would manage to sneek in nations it didnt actualy want in factions (like finland in axis too early) just because it really really really hated their opponents
- fixed a case where ai would jump on total mobilization despite having low manpower laws and ruinign their reinforcement (probably only ever happened for big nations like china)
- added separate ai scoring bonus for ahead of time techs so they better take advantage of them
- Units that already have good positions on the front are no longer considered for moving along the front
- Fixed bug that could cause units to take a naval path to nearby provinces they could just walk too.
- Fixed bug that could cause units to cancel their move orders when they shouldn't.
- Scripted higher prio for economic and manpower laws.
- AI will ignore historical list when looking for focus to bypass.
- Fixed case where AI could get stuck researching if only single techs were queued and they were not possible to research
- Fixed an issue where AI would queue up tech targets too early so they were not correctly evaluated
- Improved logic for US involvement in the war in the case of swift japanese victory vs china. It will now get interested as australia and india start to fall also
- Minors will now do economic mobilization laws if justified against rather than wait for tension or declaration of war (to help china)
- China now a bit more on the ball on manpower laws as they need to throw anything they can at the invaders
- All nations will now be less spendy on admirals early on
- Soviet will now respect the spirit of the ribbentropp pact and not send volunteers to poland ever
- Chinese AI will now consider naval ministers less interesting
- Tweaked many ai research weights to remove wierd choices due to timing
- Reduced AI research weights for picking heavy tank and special forces techs
- Tweaked ai weights for nations to make better selection on manpower and economic laws
- A lot of changes to AI target templates for majors
- A lot of changes to AI production targets for majors
- Several changes so default AI focus more on inf, capital ships, fighters, less on armor, random planes, and subs/destroyers

# UI
- Console now can't be open in multilayer or ironman
- Added tool tip information about amount of division templates in the army when you hover over division counts
- Added option to double click for selection of all units in army with same template
- Made significant fixes to how autoscrolling for selected units list to make sure that now it will follow the selection properly
- Fixed overflow error that could cause wrong display of the intel data numbers
- Fixed the bug when available wargoals alert could stuck in iteration trough countries player has wargoals against
- Fixed the bug when you could request 0 troops from your puppet
- Fixed the bug when civil war country manpower were displayed incorrectly
- Tooltips for battalions in division designer now show correct change in the supply usage
- Now 'Subject main soon rise Autonomy" alert opens subjects screen
- Added reinforcement priority status for the template change menu entries
- Now tooltip for time estimation shows "Never" in case if factories assigned but penalty is too big instead [No factories assigned]
- Added manpower showing on the info diplo screen
- Now equipment type buttons in the request lend lease screen does not depend on the production or stockpile of the requesting side, rather than if this equipment is known to be available for export
- Airbase icons are 30% larger in the strategic air map mode
- Expanded the war overview window to show more information. Major countries now also has a golden frame, and capitulated countries now has a white flag.
- Impassable terrain now has a spiky outline.
- Changed radar tool-tip to clarify it helps you detect enemy fleets rather than your own
- Changed the icon for manpower losses in theater history. It was using the icon for manpower (top bar) but is now using the icon for losses (war casualties).
- Tweaked some interface stuff for air combat (stuff that was meant for the simplified version, but is of no use now).
- Added new texture-files for the simplified air combat interface, to fit some old elements that would be moved into this air combat interface.
- Implemented a simplified version of future air combat interface (in case of planned interface can't be implemented, due to time constraints).
- Changed the cropping width of the Air wing names and air zone names in the air wing interface. This frees up more space for other elements that occupies the interface.
- Changed the highlight color for "outdated equipment", "available licenses" and "active licenses" in the Production window. They were in white but are now in yellow, for consistency.
- Change color of several text elements in naval battle, for more consistency. Parentheses for ship names during naval engagements have been changed from green to white. Changed "dispatch" to "dismiss" in the report for naval battles.
- Changed coloring of naval losses text, for consistency
- Fixed some text-padding in the construction interface (some text was overlapping).
- Added convoys count on lend lease trade route tooltip.
- Fixed issue where there some plane icons had different sizes
- Fixed an issue where animated sprites would sometimes "strobe"
- Changed colors for strategic naval view to match air and be clearer
- Strategic air mapmode now has clearer and more visible coloring
- Fixed overflow issue in peace demand lists
- Created effects and animations on submarine.
- Fixed a bug where machine gun infantry trained with rifles.
- Created march animations for some units that were missign them.
- Tweaked several animations
- Airbase indicator on counters no longer eats zoom-in from mouse
- Efficiency growth now grouped with other modifiers of same type in production interface
- Clarified tooltip of what production is needed for icon in production interface and added tooltip to number also
- Added mip bias to button texture loading as some drivers may be picking a worse mip level for our generals
- Console now can no longer be open in multiplayer or ironman to making life a bit harder for cheaters
- When player is about to build a new radar, the new effect is drawn to indicate the next level range
- Radars now has the on-map-icon. So player can see them when playing with 3d buildings disabled
- Added setting for toggling visibility of radars on map
- Mouse over the radar icon shows the details tooltip and a range indication circle
- While in the strategic air map mode, now the terrain is painted with stripes indicating if any of the selected air wings can be assigned to that region or not
- Fixed missing scrollbar in division designer when selecting custom icon
- Clicking on the army no longer swaps the map mode to the default one. Also it is now possible to draw battleplans in any map mode from pressing the "small" map mode buttons

# Audio
- Added and improved sound effects for airplanes.
- Added and tweaked audio assets for infantry and artillery.
- Added more weather sound effects
- Added new notifications sound effects
- Fixed several audio bugs

# Modding
- Added triggers for estimated max armor and piercing based on intel.
- Fix for CTD that occurred after reloading focus trees
- added console command "ai_pp_log" to log AI use of PP
- has_idea trigger is no longer affected by order of files in database.
- Fixed a crash when painting cities on the edge of the map.
- Added possibility to hide parts of the focus tree with a trigger. allow_branch = { <trigger> }.
- Added ability to reposition national focus based on trigger.
- Added support for relation modifiers and valid_relation_trigger in the static modifiers file. Modifiers are removed if the trigger becomes false.
- Added add_relation_modifier effect that adds a static modifier from current scope to target.
- Added remove_relation_modifier effect.
- Added trigger has_relation_modifier.
- Added modifier license_purchase_cost_factor. Modifies total CIC cost of purchasing a license.
- Added modifier license_production_speed_factor. Modifies production speed for license.
- Added modifier license_tech_difference_speed_factor. Modifies production speed penalty from tech level difference.
- Added dynamic cost_factor modifier for idea groups. Example political_advisor_cost_factor.
- Added ai_license_acceptance modifier, for relation modifiers. Modifies desire for the ai to sell licenses.
- Added modifiers for purchase cost of specific types of licenses. license_air_purchase_cost_factor license_infantry_purchase_cost_factor license_armor_purchase_cost_factor license_naval_purchase_cost_factor
- Added triggers for license production: is_licensing_to and is_licensing_any_to.
- Added set_building_level effect, that sets the level of specified building.
- Added a level < <number> limit for building province buildings.
- Added any_province_building_level trigger.
- Added console commands set_global_flag and set_country_flag.
- Added guarantee_cost modifier. Modifies the PP cost of guaranteeing a nation.
- Added autonomy_gain_global_factor modifier. Factor on all autonomy gained by a subject.
- Added trigger amount_research_slots > <int>
- Added trigger manpower_per_military_factory
- Added allow_branch trigger to technology trees. Will disable and hide all children of a technology that does not meet the trigger.
- Added possibility to look for a specific archetype of ship in has_navy_size trigger.
- Added trigger amount_taken_ideas. Excludes national_spirit, hidden, law = yes. Example: amount_taken_ideas = { amount < <int> (mandatory) category = { military_staff } slot = { army_chief political_advisor } } Category and slot is optional.
- Added on_state_control_changed to on action.
- Added non_core_manpower modifier that can be used on country level to control manpower from non-core territory
- Added new ai strategy land_xp_spend_priority with valid values of "division_template" or "equipment_variant"
- Added new ai strategy pp_spend_priority with valid values of "admiral" or "general" or an idea
- Added new parameter states_filter to start_civil_war effect which filters out invalid states from list
- States can now be marked as impassable and can then not be traversed by troops, they get special border graphics to signify this. Province view will indicate with an icon+tooltip, as will on-map tooltip
- Borders between provinces can now be set up in adjacencies as impassable and can then not be passed
- Added on_uncapitulate on-action to mirror capitulation
- Added triggers for estimated max armor and piercing based on intel.

# Database
- Fixed issue with Japanese Infantry Equipment flavor name (hi ceebie)
- Added air wing naming schemes for many nations, including all majors, TfV and DoD countries
- Made suicide planes their own archetype
- added a few more Cosmetic tags based on historical research
- Changed wwill to will in localization file
- Soviet generals are no longer allowed to derp SU-152s in tank destroyer mode. The localization has been changed so that SU-152 is now self-propelled artillery and the SU-100-Y is the tank destroyer.
- Added Takuo Godo war industrialist advisor for Japan
- Added corps commanders and navy leaders to: Ion Antonescu, Gheorghe Avramescu, Horia Macellariu. Removed generic navy leader.
- Yugoslavia high command: Changed area of expertise to "Army Drill - Expert" Danilo Kalafatovic changed to "Maneuver - Expert".
- Added new army leaders to Yugoslavia: Danilo Kalafatovic, Milutin Nedic, Petar Kosic, Marijan Polic.
- Added new army leaders to Hungary: Ferenc Feketehalmy-Czeydmer, Kàvoly Beregfy, Lajos Veres.
- Added Hungarian design companies: Ganz Danubius, MÁVAG and Fegyver- és Gépgyár
- Bumped Walter Model to skill 2 field marshal with defensive traits
- Added autogeneration of Air Wing names if none is scripted
- German generals von Kleist and W. List both get +1 skill level
- Added silly king renaming cities events instead of fixing the AI

# Balance
- Reworked airzones in several areas to be smaller and/or rational
- Blocked Sudetenland focus for Germany if Germany is in a faction with CZE and together in a war
- Changed event germany.122 (Sudetenland failsafe) to kick CZE out of the Axis if they refuse.
- Changed number of building slots in greater Transylvanian area based on feedback
- Added a core for Bulgaria in the Treaty of Craiova
- Added Aluminium to Asia
- Blocked ENG/FRA from interfering in Sudetenland if they are puppets
- Added a global flag that is set if Germany starts a war. AI weights for the Sudetenland and Rhineland have been adjusted to ensure that Germany will be challenged if they started a war before taking those focuses
- If FRA supports CZE alone in Munich they will no longer steal CZE from their existing faction
- ENG/FRA are more likely to support CZE during munich if both they and CZE are communist
- CZE is more likely to fight over Munich even if abandoned if they are in a faction, even more so if they lead a faction
- Changed demand sudetenland effect to send demand to Czechoslovakia's overlord if there is one
- CAS, fighters and tac bombers now have a stat progression for naval_strike_attack instead of the same for all models.
- Rebalanced damage scaling in air combat to avoid most of the wierdnesses. more planes generally more deaths etc, also less damage in the really bloody defend/intercept scenarios
- Increased advantage of numerical superiority in air combat. 1000v100 test get around 30% bonus for big side rather than < 10%
- Now possible to disrupt all incoming bombers/CAS if you have enough fighters in air combat
- Scaled down damage done to planes on the ground during bombing to 1/5th
- Hungary now gets to have great war tank starting tech
- Prince of terror trait now gets +2% more recruitment from non-core territory
- Tweaked equipment deficiencies and some factory setups for china and japan in 1936 to balance later war
- Tweaked japanese/chinese tempaltes to slow down the war
- Reduced equipment starting lack for soviets in 1936
- Reduced stockpile gain on capitulate by 25%
- Its now 10x more expensive to take territory occupied by another faction in a peace deal (e.g allies taking stuff commintern occupies)
- Custom-difficulty slider now also reduces the impact of resource shortage for AI
- The amount of spawned milita divisions in Spanish Civil War are now more and positioned better to draw out conflict
- Spanish civil war equipment levels tweaked for longer conflict
- Tweaked SCW participant NU levels
- Bombing warscore now worth less on your participation

# Bugfix
- Fixed a duplicate advisor for Canada
- Fixed an issue with Vichy France thinking it was actually a proper nation and changing its name while still a puppet.
- Fix for France and Britain gallantly coming to the rescue of a CZE that is allied to Germany
- Fixed an issue where Romania could still refuse Bessarabia demands on historical mode (will now never refuse on historical)
- Fixed an issue with the name of Greek party in spanish loc
- Fixed a trigger issue with the Germany befriends China focus (was OR, should have been AND)
- Fixed an issue with a tooltip to cancel all construction displaying the wrong key combination (Shift+click instead of Ctrl+click)
- Fixed critical spelling error in South African focus description
- Changed event France.14: added ai chances (AI will now always create Vichy in historical mode), fixed a bug that would not assign Italy a state they were supposed to get when Vichy is created
- Units can no longer be in multiple attack combats at the same time
- Fixed the bug when quite damaged fleet never could be sinked by naval strike
- Fixed the bug when large stacks of CAS could not enter combat after entering the combat
- Fixed the bug when civil war side received only dead-zombie divisions
- Research bonus now sticks to tech its applied to
- Mission efficiency now affects air superiority
- Fixed the bug when change of political setup could lead to blocking of lend lease cancelation by level of world tension
- Now transfer_ships effect won't transfer wrong fleet in case of the ships with same name of in one fleet
- Fixed the bug when you could not lend lease allies in case of fighting in war together
- Now war overview shows the exact faction members that have to surrender to make sure that war ends
- Unlocked technology now properly updates units and division template stats
- Fix for the bug when ships port capacity was wrongly calculated while merging fleets
- Radar levels now uses last non damaged level for calculations
- Now subjects can join only master's wars
- Rockets now get properly upgraded
- Fixed the bug when military access was reversed for the strait rules
- Fixed the bug when airplane transfer progress was not saved
- Fixed the bug when building slots in revolter country were counted as non-core
- Fixed the bug when puppets were not automatically included in the peace conferences as loosing sides
- Fixed the bug when threat from the focuses with national focus were displayed incorrectly
- Peace conference does not consider any more as loser side country occupied by another one that stays at war with occupied after piece conference
- Fixed the map tooltip bug that occurred when units were selected in secondary mapmode but was showing still the unit movement info
- Attacked units now can attack on their own
- Made possible to declare war on puppets if already at war with master
- Now subjects can always join master's wars
- Fixed the bug when colonial troops disappeared after annexation of the subject
- Fixed the issue when on map tooltip shown that rocketsite and air base were located in state even they were not built yet
- Fixed the bug when political power was shown as progress for war goal justification
- Fixed the bug when cancellation of the trade happened if influence of opposite country was below zero
- Added removing of the war threat when canceling justification of the war goal
- Naval service manpower now properly returns after ships are getting sink in the naval combat
- Fixed the bug when factories could not be converted if there is no factory of other type in the state
- Went grammar fascist on an error log message for when dupliacte ideas had been scripted in.
- Fixed an issue where Slovakia used a Slovenian flag.
- Fixed a number of errors in German localisation (thanks davewolf!)
- Radar tool-tip no longer claims that it helps the enemy find your fleets
- The Northern Lights achievement now recognizes dynamic tags spawned from the Scandinavian countries
- Changed demand sudetenland focus to send the event to Czechoslovakia's overlord if they're a subject
- Blocked the munich conference (from Demand Sudeteland) if england no longer exists or has become a subject. Czechoslovakia (or their overlord) get the direct demand event instead.
- Fixed issue where units could be given multi-province retreat orders ( This could result in for instance retreats all the way back to your capital )
- Canada has finally learned that no means no and will no longer join Germany's faction when the proposal is rejected.
- Added bypass to Canadian focus 'Join Germany' if Canada is already in a faction with Germany.
- Canada will no longer get wargoals on USA from focus when they are in the same faction.
- Removed 0-1 cap from join_faction_tension and guarantee_tension modifiers to show tooltips when ideas reduce them.
- Fixed every_enemy_country effect using same code as random_enemy_country effect.
- Fixed database issue that caused has_available_idea_with_traits to not work for design companies.
- Fixed an issue where splitting an uneven amount of resources down the middle would round up both piles and cause discrepancies between trade interface and production interface.
- Units containing primarily licensed or lend leased variants now use 3D models from the equipments original creator.
- Added tooltip generation for create unit commander effects.
- Trade view now filters subjects properly.
- Added bypass to Japanese focus Sever 'Sino-German Ties' if China is a puppet of Japan.
- Request Lend Lease should no longer show as if it would be accepted if there is no equipment available for lease or the requester has too much equipment.
- Yugoslavia now only loses ideology support when Italy completes 'Claims on Yugoslavia' if they are not obviously working towards that ideology.
- Added support types so japanese suicide craft will work
- Fixed some cases that made air outcomes wierd and where air speed has extremely little (or possibly bad) impact
- Completing focuses no longer resets their tension impact. also tension given back now scales properly depending on when you cancel
- Syria and tunisia no longer changes controller as part of vichy events if occupied by 3rd party
- Fixed invalid caluclation for offer peace action. can now actually offer peace when losing
- Fixed an issue where divisions would get deleted when being transfered to another nation due to manpower already reset
- Total production line output can no longer go negative (caps at 0 and only appeared when doing certain modding)
- Fixed a problem with overflows for large manpower numbers when calculating intel
- Target for surrender now checks if we are allowed to surrender and scores appropriately. Fixes issues where multiple wars could block each other from ending despite a full side having capitulated, yet not called some party in
- Bombing warscore is now properly capped to its max even when bombing multiple target nations
- Portrait settings file no longer checksummed. Moved from common.
- Portrait database can now load data correctly from multiple files.

# Stability & Performance
- Fix for CTD during end of the offered peace conference
- Now pending diplomatic requests are cleared properly when exiting to main menu (could cause CTD as well as UI corruption)
- Fix for CTD caused by wargoal alert being clicked with bad timing
- Fixed CTD from deleting airwings by reducing size to 0 and then opening the air overview
- Fixed the annoying "death by of a thousand savesgames" thing that could happen when running with a lot of debug saves enabled and jumping around date points
- Fixed a CTD if a unit from a save with an invalid war with no capital was attempted to be teleported to it
- Fixed a place where illegal memory could be accessed, potentially triggering the birth of a new chaos god
- Fixed potential CTD/memory corruption in updatefrontdata averting the chaos gods once again
- Fixed a potential mod related memory corruption in launcher that could lead to rare crashes
- Fixed a case where certain scripted nations could make the game CTD selecting 1939 start


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