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Patch Endless Space 2

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Le premier patch devrait bientôt arriver, il est déjà disponible en Beta sur Steam



Removed the turn limit 

Fixed an error when an empire is eliminated and it had planet-related improvements queued

Added the revision number in the battle ship card in battle screen & fixed an inconsistency in data between tooltips of ships in the BattleShipItems in the fleet list, and the little triangles EncounterShipItem in the flotilla card 3D

Fixed fleet being considered as busy when loading a game where a ground battle was finished

Fixed Religious law allowing to cross open borders

Fixed GuiElement having temp text instead of localization keys

Fixed special nodes notifications being displayed when loading the game

Fixed loading issues with some Vodyani games

Fixed conversion by influence feedback

Fixed fleets in movement between two nodes getting stuck when their destination becomes invalid

Fixed religious law allowing to attack enemy systems even when in enemy influence zone

Fixed laws getting cancelled one by one after elections if more than one needed to be cancelled

Fixed force law (base party law) not activated when changing political alignment

Fixed anarchy duration not corresponding to what is displayed

Fixed the attack action not breaking the guard for the attacking fleet.

Fixed cycling through idle fleets including those that are doing something

Fixed issue with a technology for the Vodyani

Fixed feedback issue with multiple economic modules on arkships of the same type

Fixed Hero healing cost

Fixed anarchy duration not being affected by game speed

Fixed feedback issue on ships speed bonus in ship design

Fixed the user not being informed that anarchy duration is modified by the empire's approval rating

Fixed misleading Close Borders and Open Borders notifications

Fixed bonuses generated by a government still being present while in anarchy transition

Fixed error happening when the player has 0 total population and recruits heroes

Fixed notifications being displayed during a space battle cinematic

Fixed being able to vote laws while in anarchy

Fixed skippable error being generated when hovering the cursor across ship icons after retreating from battles

Fixed conversion by influence not working on minor empires

Fixed missing parenthesis that created issues in Endless speed

Fixed error being generated when clicking Quit Game

Fixed missing descriptors and lowered heal cost

Fixed launching a ground battle between two turns generate an error

Fixed ground battle crash when the invaded system disappeared before the end of the ground battle.

Healing a hero now repairs their ship

Fixed "hero not assigned" notification happening even when the hero is assigned

Added -novideo command line to skip all videos to isolate possible crash sources

Added --disable-ai command line argument that disable completely the AI (no dll loaded) to isolate possible crash sources


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Premier gros patch avec l'ajout d'une nouvelle faction




A new faction has been added to the game: the United Empire 

The Marketplace is now available 

Added Mercenaries system action that will allow you to use mercenary units not showing their owner's flag 

You can now raze your systems 

Added Pillage: in addition to razing the systems, players will generate Dust based on the destroyed Star System Improvements and the killed population 

Reworked Truce system. Truce won't be forced anymore but will be based on civil unrest. The only way to remove the civil unrest is to end the war. 

Added the Eusocial minor culture 

Added 3 news minor faction (Z'vali / Pilgrim / Amoeba) 

Changed Deuyivan minor faction from Scavenger to Eusocial culture 

Added Manpower panel 

Added Era 4 of the Technology Tree 

System Influence conversion buyout: when a Star System is passively converted by another Empire's area of influence, this Empire can pay Influence to capture the system 

Increased turn limit to 200 turns: the score victory will now trigger at turn 200! 

Technology cost increases more slowly within an era but the steps from an era to another is bigger 

New technologies have been added to the three first eras, related to different features 



Manpower management

Manpower quantity on systems, ships, and empire has been increased 
Ground Battle plan has been updated 

Ownership mechanics have been added: it will take turns before gaining ownership on a system, affecting the approval and forbidding the deployment of the influence 

Minor faction can be assimilated through the resolution of specific quests 

Wonders related to Deeds have been implemented but the Deeds are still WIP (interface and implementation) 

The global enrolment has been replaced by a local enrolment converting 1 population into Manpower



Added the star system list population management 

Added the star system planetary management 

Victory screen has been retaken




Added health regeneration on ships 

Heroes can now be hidden (received only via quests) 

Heroes recruited by empires when the game starts will not be available in the first pool of heroes

AI can now attack when another player declares war 

Improved the way hero unlock points are displayed in the Academy screen 

Added several shortcuts: 

Page Up and Down to zoom in and out in the galaxy view 

Enter and Escape to close a notification

It is no longer possible to have the same hero twice in a hero recruitment notification 

Several missing texts have been added in game 

Improved performance especially with fastest settings 

A system can't be besieged if it has personal or allied fleets in orbit. 

A system can't be invaded if it is under siege. 

Systems become under siege when enemy fleet leave the attacked system. 

When a system is under your influence you’ll be able to buyout it with influence 

Minor factions now all spawn fleet which belong to the same rebel empire 

Removed weapons restrictions on hull, all hulls can use kinetics, beams, lasers and missiles 

Strategic resources on weapon and defence modules have been spread out in a different way (exotic effects are still WIP) 

Tweaked some values and costs of the weapon and defence modules 

Increased range efficiency of the weapon modules (now more spread out and you can see the efficiency percentages in the tooltip) 

Added bonuses on Attacker and Support hulls (currently the same for all the factions but will eventually be different): 

Attacker: Focuses fire with the flotilla to quickly eliminate ships + weapon damage bonus 

Support: Attracts fire from enemy to protect the other ships + defence module bonus

Added different target orders for attacker, support and carrier ships (hover the role to see them) 

Fixed strategic resource costs for all the enhanced module slots 

The defensive military power now takes into account the initial hull health 

Added health bonus on ships when they level up



The manpower of both all attacker and defender fleets are used in the ground BattleReport 

The fleet manpower is given back at the end of the ground battle 

Ground battles can be aborted with a diplomatic relation change or if the defender colonised system disappears 

Improved a bit the feedback on the notification (more improvements coming soon)



AI refreshes and creates new ship designs for specialized roles 

AI takes more meaningful military decisions 

AI uses advanced manpower system 

AI protects its outposts, harasses the player's outposts, and handles outpost equality 

Fixed several issues leading to infinite end of turn 

Fixed Fleets in order to go to the right goal with minimum moves 

Limited the number of concurrent exploration 

Raised the number of concurrent colonization 

Players can now attack in different fronts in same time when a war is launch 

The AI should be more reactive when attacked 

Fixed the drop of some missions 

AI can now block other outposts 

AI can now use all possible actions to accelerate the capture of an outpost 

Guard system has been added 

Added cancellable missions 

AI can now repair and retrofit fleets 

The AI will retreat its fleet in a suicidal encounter 

AI can now buy manpower upgrade 

The AI can now cancel infinite building when something better is available



Fixed inconsistency in several tooltips 

Fixed an issue where players are not informed that anarchy duration is modified by the empire approval rating 

Fixed an issue where there are no tooltips in the Post Game Screen 

Fixed an issue where the fleet indicator does not properly work on systems with motherships and fleets 

Fixed an issue where minor factions create fleets which exceed their command point limit 

Fixed expedition buttons not refreshing properly in orbital view 

Pressing escape when launching a probe will now quit probe launching mode 

Fixed attack button saying "cannot attack allies" when there is nobody around the node 

Improved the objective for the "Those Darn Kids" quest which was misleading 

Fixed an issue where several technologies overlapped the category symbols from the technology screen 

Reorganised the technologies category symbols 

Autosaves no longer overwrite the user's manual save if the manual save is named "Autosave" 

A system can no longer be invaded while it has personal or allied fleets in orbit. 

The "Ship design" screen now inform the user about the retrofit cost 

Added "Show location" on mothership notifications 

Fixed error occurring when using a slider in the NewGameScreen and pressing ESC at the same time. 

Fixed many errors occurring when exiting a game, due to windows trying to access released data. 

Fixed motherships being detachable when under siege/invaded 

Retreat button is no longer visible when the ground battle has ended 

Fixed laws received as quest rewards not being received 

Fixed non-major empires being able to discover the Academy 

The user can now interact with elements that are situated on the far right of the Technology Screen 

Empire Dust is now displayed in the Ship Design screen 

Fixed an issue where the icon of the faction was visible even though that faction was unknown 

Fixed hulls & modules not having the right price in tooltips 

Fixed Vodyani happiness not refreshing properly 

Added in the control banner the political party unlocked and their trend 

User are now informed that ships costs are increased when a new era is reached 

The scan view button is now clickable 

The user is now informed that he can lose his fleet when attempting to retreat to a undiscovered system 

Added a "remaining turns" section to the constructible tooltip



Minor Faction fleet generation pace is currently broken

We can't wait to hear your feedback! 

Have fun, 
~Amplitude Studios


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Le dernier gros patch avant la sortie du jeu (normalement ) est disponible depuis aujourd'hui, il ajoute l'avant dernière Faction : les Riftborns. Ainsi que de nombreuses modifications.


Les Riftborns sont présentés en détail dans le wiki officiel.



La liste complète :


Hey everyone,

The Riftborn update [0.3.2] is now live! This major update introduces the Riftborn major civilization, an Early Access iteration of Multiplayer mode (we're counting on your feedback to make this optimal for the release!), new visual elements to bring more life to the galaxy, AI ameliorations, Battle improvements, changes to the Technology Tree, and more! 





[New Content]

The Riftborn major faction has been added [Wiki]

Two additional minor factions have been added: the Bhagaba & the Niris

Multiplayer has been enabled

Games can now be played with up to 8 empires

Added the “Large” size galaxies

Added two new galaxy shapes: Spiral-8 and Ovoid

Hero ships are now visible on the fleet by left-clicking on the hero's portrait in the galaxy view 

Hero renaming has been enabled

Empire / player renaming has been enabled

3D feedback of certain anomalies has been added

Game settings are now visible and some are modifiable ingame (only timers and animation speed)

Galaxy life animations have been added

Market events: market context can trigger highs and lows of prices

Population growth control: all population is linked to a luxury that can be used to favor its growth within the empire

The election process has been redone: now the political parties that will not end in the Senate report their votes to the closest party, which can change the winner at the last minute!

Added Natural Wonders (no visuals yet)


[Narrative Content]

Added chapter 3 & 4 of the Horatio quest

Added chapter 1 & 2 of the Riftborn quest

Added most of Tutorial, Advanced level

Updated Expert Tutorial

Added 6 new Minor Faction Quests

Added 5 new Population Quests

Added Community Quest (Mysterious Plague Ship is now known as “The Living Plague”)

Added 7 Alternative Deeds

Added Community Event (An Unexpected Visitor is now known as “An Unexpected Guest”

Added Community Event (Hear my Last Cry)


[Manpower & Ground Battle]

Manpower is now divided in three elements: 

Manpower on empire is a resource consumed by Systems and Ships

On system: defenses defines the strength of the system defense and how much troops it will generate

On ships: crews provide a boost in space battle, and is consumed for invasion. They can also be killed during space battle

All empires start with a full stock of Manpower on their empire

Manpower is now equally split between all entities requiring some.

Improved feedback related to troop generation (directly display how the system defense and crews will be converted)

Added a specific Ground Battle strategy and Space Battle Tactic for the Privateers and Minor Factions

Triggered a notification when the manpower drops close to 0


[Minor Faction Rework]

Revamped the Minor Faction interface 

Added a new Minor Factions Ideology: Pragmatist

More actions to improve relations with Minor Factions

Actions are now based on a trend rather than a flat point value

Changed thresholds on the bar as follows: Neutral, Cordial, Amicable, Friendly. Each threshold corresponds to a different level of reward

Having the best relation with a Minor Faction may now grant access to special actions with a cost in Luxury Resources



Harmonized Pirate ship designs 

Nerfed certain Prowler designs that were too strong

Buffed certain Positron designs that were too weak

Changed the way Pirates spawn to prevent the unwanted Pirate spam

Pirates now spawn at a slightly slower rate

Pirates are now limited in number and won't spawn anymore if there's already a certain number of them.

Pirates have been given new behaviors allowing them to blockade systems, and target specific nodes


[Senate & Politics ]

Rebellion: now the government after a rebellion depends on the current government, cycling through all of them.

Removed Rebellion progress while in Anarchy

Added an experience systems for political parties: reaching certain experience levels unlocks new laws

Added independent laws that are always available, and free to maintain

Refined laws content: there are less but more powerful, and they cost an influence upkeep to be maintained

Reinforce differences between each government

Democracy: no election actions to influence the result, but better diversity in senate and provide approval boost on population

Republic: election actions using Dust and stronger alternative version of the Laws

Federation: bonuses on industry and expansion

Dictatorship: one party that you select and higher chance of rebellion


[Space Battle]

Ship Design

Refactored UI

New module icons that reflect the power progression

Added detailed data about ship (DPS per weapon, efficiency, DPS per range, defense absorption, energy / projectile balance, upgrade cost), also displayed in ship tooltip

Added toggle to hide / show obsolete modules

Added the possibility to drag and drop modules between slots

Added double click on any player’s ship thumbnail to open the ship design (in military screen but also in the galaxy)

Removed module symmetrical multiplayer cost

Harmonized module multiplayer cost per ship size

Tweaked heavy mounted slot and add effect explanation in tooltip

Added a button in the Military Screen under the Ship Designs frame.

One click upgrades all the modules of the selected Ship Design to their latest version

Does not replace or remove existing modules, does not fill empty slots

Deck panel

Cards are now called tactics

You can open the battle tactics (new deck panel) even during battle

Added description in tactics’ tooltip

Advanced battle screen

Improved trajectories / stats display

Improved ship hover feedback (don’t forget: you can move them among flotillas!)

Added flotilla compatibility feedback of the ship when dragging it

Added command point required to unlock flotillas

During battle

Improved scan view (damage lines, trajectories, shaders etc.)

Added overview (show entire battle with appropriate feedback included range between paired flotilla)

Added locked ship feedback

Added zoom with mouse wheel in free cam even without ship locked

Battle Report

Added advanced battle report (first version)

Added damage gauges with detailed data (weapon type, defense absorption, misses shot, critical hit)

Added range per paired flotillas per phase with damage ratio

Battle system            

Changed critic damage: if critical hit, the salvo dismisses all defense absorptions

Added ship damage bonus when crew on board (some weapons kill crew)

Added theatre effect: check the battle effect on the special nodes

Changed the random generator which should give you the same result if you load a save


Added 15 support modules to diversify the strategies

The module that affects fleet and flotilla are exclusive to support ships

Fixed and increased several battle order effects (battle card new name)

Increased flak effect (and feedback it in the weapon tooltip)

Balanced / Tweaked Weapons, Defenses and Hulls (reduced cost, reduced progression, damage and health x2, increase strategic module interest)



Reworked the whole Military Quadrant to implement the new modules

Reworked the Science & Exploration Quadrant to implement support modules

Also added new modules for the Ark, and technologies to unlock them through the game

Added political impact on technologies




The AI now handles Peace behaviors

The AI now handles minimal Alliance behaviors

The AI is now able to detect player actions (regarding itself) and send reactions

The AI can now create and balance contracts to propose to players

Improved AI attitudes and attitude annotations

Improved contract evaluation overall


System improvement and technologies gains have been reworked

The AI can now use more exotic improvements like infinite buildings and manpower conversion

The AI should colonize in a better fashion (more grouped)

The AI can now handle the new Minor Faction system

The AI should use the marketplace better overall

The AI can now buy mercenaries on the marketplace to complete its taskforces

The AI now make event choices

Many many tweaks in the decision making process


The AI changes its tactics set according its current strengths and weaknesses

The AI should now select the most efficient play considering its fleet

The AI should now redesign its ships to counter its main enemy

The AI is now capable of understanding when fleets which will be auto-merged before it will attack

The AI should be more reactive especially in early game

The AI should keep less ships in its hangars


The AI can now assign heroes as admirals

The AI now assigns all hero skills (governors and admirals) depending on hero role

The AI can now buy heroes on the marketplace


The AI can now solve certain quests


The AI can now take over in "minimal" mode for a few turns if a player drops out


The AI is able to play as a Riftborn with its specific gameplay


A LOT of memory and CPU optimizations


[User Interface]

The Diplomatic and negotiation screens have been reworked

The ship design screen has been reworked

The new game screen has been redone

Reworked the left banner in all menus

Polished Diplomacy screen

Demand button now located on the Negotiation screen (above the pressure gauge)

HD GUI for any resolution

New scaling option improved (4K mode)

Modules icons are brand new! (quest icons are not done yet)

New display options are now available for tooltip display: Compact, Full & Progressive. By default, Progressive is enabled, which goes from a Compact to a Full Display after a short moment when hovering the mouse. This setting can be changed in the UI Options menu



Government changes are more accessible (less anarchy and lower happiness prerequisite) but they have a dynamic influence cost

Reworked the Lumeris outpost buyout curve to lower their explosive expansion

Reworked the technology cost curve: the game pace will be slower and feel more engaging

Diplomatic costs are now dynamic and based on the number of systems owned by the Empire

Assimilation costs is now dynamic and based on the number of systems owned by the Empire

First balancing of Minor Faction Quests (not complete yet)

Strategic deposits quantity has been halved but their individual production increased (1 / 3 / 5 instead of 1 / 2 / 3)

Hero skills: effects related to size has been generalized 

Hero skills: effects on deposit output has been nerfed 

Rebellion: lowered the threshold which triggers the start of the rebellion

Increased the number of nodes generated for all sizes 

Added a limit on how many ships can be send to an outpost at a time, making distant outpost harder to feed


[Known Issues]

Possible loss of sync in Multiplayer if Fast speed animations are used

Possible loss of sync in Multiplayer if two players have the same wonder in the construction queue and finish it on the same turn

In Multiplayer, players get a message when another player joins that they have been renamed with that player’s name. This message actually has no effect

In the diplomacy screen, the contract evaluation bar sometimes fails to update

In the Advanced Play settings, enemy flotillas sometimes do not appear if the Advanced Play button is clicked too fast. In the case this happens, right click and re-enter the window

The Riftborn have a strategic issue on their home system: with Many constellations, all planets in their home system have Titanium & Hyperium. With Few/Unique, none have any. We recommend playing with Few or Unique constellations if you want a challenging game (this issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch)

Selecting a "Random" galaxy type in multiplayer results in the host and other players not necessarily having the same galaxy appearance (eg a Spiral 8 can have the appearance of an Ovoid galaxy). This has no impact on actual gameplay




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