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Railway Empire : Avenir

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Comme indiqué dans notre test, l’avenir de Railway Empire, le jeu de tycoon ferroviaire n’était pas encore connu.
On en sait désormais un peu plus.

Lire la suite


pub: 02/02/2018 19:48:19

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Un 1er patch gratuit est sorti sur PC et sortira bientôt sur console.


Voici la roadmap en image.


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Le 2nd patch est sorti et une nouvelle étape de la RoadMap est sortie.


Voici le détail du patch (en anglais) :

New Transcontinental North America Map
  • Playable in Free & Sandbox Mode
  • Build your railway empire from coast to coast


New Centennial Era

  • Expand your empire over 100 years from 1830 to 1930
  • Research and develop all available locomotives in a single game
  • New and specifically balanced tech tree spanning 100 years of scientific progress
  • Dynamically growing markets introducing new goods and commodities over time

Improvements and Tweaks

  • Added: Demolishing tracks and stations now gives a refund
  • Added: Hotkey "C" to center camera on selected train
  • Added: Game speed can be modified at any time in options menu
  • Added: Town list overview
  • Added: New wheel menu layout for gamepad mode
  • Added: New GUI elements and icons for construction mode and train status window
  • Added: New option to list all trains for a selected station
  • Added: Rotation speed modifier in building construction mode (CTRL)
  • Fixed: Locomotive speed error in Sandbox Mode
  • Fixed: Renaming trains in gamepad mode

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