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  1. JohnW


    Will you be able to post it for download?
  2. JohnW


    C'est vrai?
  3. A map for Stonne, France has been added to the www.Battlefront.com repository. The Caen expansion and Eastern Wind v5 are both installed on my computer, so there may be some static objects from them used in this map.
  4. email envoyé I have a couple of maps made for TOW2. My first 2 maps were made for TOW1. One for Stonne, France and Polish mission based on a Squad Leader scenario.
  5. My knowledge of Russian is not very good. If Google Translate works, I'm willing to try. Send me something to test. I have some work with maps.
  6. Je tiens également à vous aider. S'il vous plaît dites-moi s'il ya quelque chose que je peux faire.
  7. L'armée Polonaise sera un ajout bienvenu!
  8. J'ai été en mesure de terminer la première mission de Rot automne et entrer dans la phase d'installation de la seconde.
  9. ça fonctionne sur Vista 64 aussi!
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