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Arko van Qlimax

[L3T] Les Trois Tours -présentation & discussions-

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Posted (edited)

La nouvelle version est là! Désolé je n'ai pas traduit les notes de version mais le mod est bel et bien traduit en français comme en anglais.
N'hésitez pas à me donner vos impressions et poser des questions.
Pour l'installation il faut bien supprimer la version précédente au préalable (l'écrasement simple des fichiers sera foireux sinon)


RELEASE 1.00 SEAL1 (14th of june 2020) for CK2 v3.3.3







  • revamped bandits events (smuggler's ring etc. ) and effects. Additional events involving your marshal
  • new claims mechanics and flavour (mechanics being rule locked behind a new game rule)new way to apply stewardship bonus to taxes, making holdings, buildings, provinces matter much
  • changed some computation on population growth mechanics, among changes, the steward's "research technology" bringing possible bonus here.
  • brand new loading screens based on "Codex Manesse" graphics
  • made "Fortress" specialization more worthy (prison building, new special fortifications, balance)
  • Romanesque cathedrals are now wonders and so showed on map with a 3D model


  • new prison building and according decision to use that new accommodation. A prisoner can't be moved back from there. Various liberation/evasion options are less likely to happen and success
  • proselytize job map highlights now feature a distinct colour for heresies
  • debug event is now reduced to only one event (L3T.1), alternatively turning on/off the debug mod. Mind that beyond special actions and notifications, some MTTH are now affected by this too
  • new steward flavour (delegation)
  • AI with no tribal vassals won't enact tribal related laws
  • tribal laws can only bring gold (with opinion counterpart) to non tribal and never give troops to anyone
  • some renovated and new events pics
  • updated and added some icons (modifiers and target decisions)
  • Muslim school building "Madrasah" gets an additional level
  • cities get a city size marker automated building chain, showing the growth of the holding (3 levels)
  • some buildings cost both gold and prestige (prestige cost is displayed in the buildings' tooltips and triggers)
  • adapting some vanilla buildings to holdings specializations (capped by specialization)
  • new chains of buildings (perception and belfry)
  • new chains of buildings (main power buildings like episcopal palace, seigniorial residence... and their Muslim variations when needed
  • fortification buildings for cities and temples holdings (merely same as castles ones)
  • chancellor's "perform statecraft" job now can protect against claim fabrication
  • spymaster's "scheme" job can help spotting a foreign chancellor fabricating claims on you
  • new option to arrest and banish a chancellor fabricating a claim
  • added support for pre-scripted holding specialization for episcopal cities and monasteries for both vanilla and SWMH map
  • Romanesque cathedral burning may bring in pilgrims
  • addition of a Pilgrim inn/road house you can build in a province with a province relic
  • a province relic in itself don't bring taxes any-more (it didn't differed among religions)
  • addition of a "Mufti" council position for Muslim
  • new horse armours artefacts given as prize in Furusiyyas
  • some event optimisation and file clean-up
  • better event computation, code and files clean-up
  • filling missing texts and better texts
  • improved some English translations



  • realm capitals are now assigned on startup
  • AI may sometimes not attend to tournaments and furusiyyas
  • can't add a new holding slot in a province any-more
  • religious tolerance technology now worsen inter-religion opinion instead of improving it
  • put some limitations on using the extort tribute CB (theocracies can't use it, as well as feudal vs other feudal co-religionists)
  • building costs won't decrease overtime due to technology
  • improve ambition chains ("textile experience" and "the sword") are now more likely to happen (lessen the skill cap)
  • "cadastre" event chains are now more dynamic and triggered only, it is also more rewarding
  • tax laws for feudal and iqta are now capped by centralization levels, tax levels are lowered, levy slider don't bring taxes any-more
  • ask for/ask to lift excommunication actions now require some reasonable amount of prestige and piety to be performed
  • weaken chances a bit for "increase council power" faction
  • dynamic trade routes helps with troops reinforcement and technology spread
  • prosperous industry modifier is more worthy
  • general military: less raids, lower reinforcement speeds, naval attrition, armies are slightly slower, more expensive maintenance
  • the population buildings progression are a bit faster on first levels
  • trade-posts limits are now higher (vanilla has much more pre-built trade-posts than the limits, vastly disadvantaging emerging patrician houses)
  • general income and taxes changes
  • various changes to specialization buildings, tribal holdings
  • tweaked the demesne sizes for various ranks, tribal government type don't bring any-more demesne size bonus
  • you can't revoke a recently given title any-more (cool-down is 100years instead of 12months)
  • improved starting population levels for various areas and eras
  • changed some starting technologies for various areas and eras



  • fixed relic not being consumed properly when starting the cathedral
  • fixed buying relic not always transferring the relic properly
  • non Christian capitals properly get a "Feudal city" (or equivalent) on startup
  • fixed some vanilla bugs
  • fixed my own bugs by the way
  • population bonus from specializations now apply correctly


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Posted (edited)

Je n'ai pas encore fait le tour de la nouvelle version mais tout ça m'a l'air pas mal du tout.

Peut-être un bug avec le trait "derniers mois" qui demeure après l'accouchement, ce qui doit empêcher la femme concernée de tomber à nouveau enceinte.

La vanilla ne paraît pas avoir ce bug, qui avait d'ailleurs été relevé vers avril 2019 sur le forum paradox.

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Ce bug apparaît quand la femme accouche d'un enfant mort-né et a effectivement été corrigé par Paradox avec la sortie du DLC Charlemagne.

Mais il demeure dans le mod LT3.

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