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[Blood Bowl 2] Patchs

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Un premier patch a été annoncé dont voici le détail


Hey Coaches!

It's been one week since we released Blood Bowl 2, and a lot of players are already playing the game!

We're excited to see this commitment, and we're working hard to make sure the game is running smoothly so you’re having a great gaming experience on the pitch!

We are aiming to release a new patch in the coming days with some fixes.
Here is a sneak-peek at what's coming:
- Option to see league and competition settings without administrating it
- The goal posts on the player side are now hidden
- Option to enable cutscenes only if armor break
- Pass Block skill
- Possibility to reduce the 3D resolution while remaining in full screen to optimize performances through a game file modification

We'll keep working hard in the next weeks and months to enhance your game experience and we're thrilled to see your constant feedback on every aspect of the game.

That's why we're organizing a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the development team next week where we'll answer all your questions on Blood Bowl 2!
We'll communicate the date and hour very soon!

Have fun,

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Le patch est déployé et apporte des correctifs et améliorations intéressantes. C'est bien de voir que le studio prend en compte aussi les retours de la communauté.

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Voilà le patch avec tous les détails


Hey Coaches,

You'll find more info on the state of the game here.

General info:
Version :
Size : 81 MB
Content outline :
- The skill Pass Block is now available
- New cut-scenes option: you can now display Block cut-scenes only when Armor is broken.
- Players can now see leagues and competition settings.
- For better legibility, goal posts are not displayed anymore on the player side.
- Full screen mode optimization is possible via a small manipulation in the game files

Gameplay / Rules
o The skill Pass Block is now available.
o You can now use Leap when blitzing if the player just stood up.
o You can now use stab after moving a player with blitz.
o You can't block anymore after standing up a player for free with the skill Jump Up
o After a draw, the team fan factor decreases of 1 if the end-game dice roll is lower than the team fan factor
o Fix of an issue allowing to spend gold in inducement before a game and get the money back at its end
o During a block, the choice of the case where you push your opponent is now always correctly taken into account
o The “In dodge we trust” achievement is now unlockable.
o Players statistics can't equal to 0 or less anymore.

Feedback, HUD
o Fix a graphical bug during the Skinks and Kroxy touchdown cutscenes.
o During the campaign, solo league or friendly match, the GUI "Open chat" has been removed.
o The friendly matches are correctly displayed in the team statistics.
o The bretonnian lineman has now a touchdown cutscene.

o You can now delete league and competition members with a mouse easily.
o [GamePad] You can't be stuck in the league transfer menu.
o [GamePad] The team tab in league and competition management is now displayed properly.

o It's no longer possible to be stuck at the end of match 6 when leveling up a player.
o It's no longer possible to be stuck before match 4 during the team reroll purchase.
o Bretonnian blitzers have now 7 MA in the campaign.
o During a double red dices block on AI, fix a bug forcing you to use a team reroll.

Solo Leagues
o Fix an issue deleting team data when using the « New Edition » option.

Crash / technical
o Fix a crash with the display of the BoneHead or Loner hints during match 6 against Dark Elf in the campaign.
o Upon disconnecting during apothecary timer, the player does get the injury, and the blocker gets SPP for causing the injury.
o Fix of a crash during a player purchase.

Known issues:
- Leap can’t be used with Pass Block.
- Diving Catch can't be used on Hail Marry Pass.
- In solo league, a player level-up isn't saved if you leveled-up by clicking on the MVP card in the results board after a match.
- To change the rank of a board member, the administrator must first delete the rank then give a new one.
- Goal posts aren't displayed during penalty shoot-out.

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Nouveau patch avec l'apparition de la boutique 

Hey Coaches!

Today we release a new update for Blood Bowl 2 introducing the online shop as well as several fixes.
You’ll find more info on the state of the game and our plans for the next updates HERE.

Version :
- Player with "Really Stupid" don't get the +2 bonus on the roll anymore if the nearby team-mate is on the ground.
- Fix an issue with the Starplayer Brick in offline mode.
- It is no longer possible to use Piling On with a Foul
- Fix of an issue preventing Diving Catch from activating on an inaccurate pass or a Hail Mary Pass.
- Fix an issue affecting the IA teams statistics in solo mode.
- Corrections of Jim & Bob commentaries.
- Fix of a crash at the end of the campaign credits.
- Launch of the online shop

Have fun on the pitch,
Cyanide Studio & Focus Home Interactive

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Patch : Du gros bon changements !


Le premier gros point est l'ajout, tout au long de l'année, de 4 races supplémentaires ! La première va arrivé sur le jeu en Février 2016



The first new race to come (the Norse) should be available at the end of February. The three races remaining will release one after the other on a regular basis.


Les suivants sont des changements qui permettent de gagner du temps. Vous aimez les phases de setups aussi longues qu'un round ? C'est fini maintenant !


Teleport will now replace players movements during the set-up phase.


De nombreux autres bugs, clarifications de menus et statistiques sont aussi dans le patch.

Patch log :

General info:
Version :
Size : 698 MB

o Coach View: you can now activate the coach view and display a grid on the field along with other strategic information: the names of the players, their levels, their positional names and their skills. (keyboard: Ctrl)
o Teleport will now replace players movements during the set-up phase.
o Extended dice log: you can now open the dice log by clicking on it to display more information on the previous actions.
o The Juggernaut skill is now optional on ‘Both Down’ result: the cancel of Wrestle, Stand Firm and Fend is applied but the player can choose (or not) to change his result in a Push.
o AI speed has been improved.

o During the inducement phase, you can now have a look at your team and the opponent’s team.
o Self-match validation in Round-Robin and Knockout competitions: players can now validate the result of their match without a commissioner if they both validate the match. This option can be turned-off.
o A feedback is displayed on the team shield when one player is ready to level up.
o In the roster page, a feedback is now displayed on the players who will miss the next game.
o News feed on the main page
o A new statistic tab has been added for all players.
o New search option for replays and lives: players can now search replay using team, coach and league names.
o You can now reconnect to a match after a crash.
o You can now turn-off subtitles.
o Fame and result dice are displayed at the end of a match.
o You can now change the settings of an active league and competition.
o You can now check the cost of the staff during team creation.
o New tie-breaker system
o It is now possible to access the match reports and replays in the schedule tab of a league (replays are available during 10 days on our server).
o A third half will start automatically at the end of the second match of a knockout competition in two legged tie if the two teams are to a draw after 2 matches.
o The Two Legged Tie matches now take into account the Touchdown gap to determine the winner.
o The Official BB2 League name has been updated as "Cabalvision Official League". More info on this here[forum.bloodbowl-game.com].

Bug Fixes
o Fix of a bug preventing the team with the higher team value to start choosing inducements in ladder
o Fix of an issue preventing the ageing system from working properly.
o It is now possible to Leap during a Pass Block, and to move several players with Pass Block during a Pass
o It is now possible to use Multiple Block after a succeeded Jump Up
o Fix of a ball desynchronisation issue when a player pick up the ball and dodge in the same movement.
o Fix of an issue preventing a turnover after the use of Shadowing skill
o The fireball effect is now compliant with the LRB6 and is not applied to the players already on the ground.
o Fix of an issue preventing the use of an Apothicary on a foul to be taken into account
o Fix of an issue consuming a reroll when a bribe was used.
o Fix of an issue blocking the turn timer at 0.
o Fix of an issue preventing the use of Multiple Block and Stab with a pad.
o The interception SPP are now properly gained when Safe Throw is used.
o Fix of a crash when using Dodge and Diving Tackle in certain conditions.
o Fix of an issue in the 8th campaign match causing the disappearance of the Cabalcopter event.

Known issues
o An administrator can't change the settings of a competition created by another administrator.
o An issue can occur with the name generation of the journeymen.
o The skill Claw takes into account the players with less than 7 AV as if they had 7 AV.

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We have started in October the production of 4 additional races (Norse, Undead, Nurgle and Necromantic). As we want to thank you all for your support since the very beginning helping us make Blood Bowl 2 a great success, we decided that if you own Blood Bowl 2 on PC, you’ll get these races for free!


Voici en détails les 4 races, et les Necro me tentent bien !

Les races seront gratuites, pour PC. Je n'étais pas courant qu'il était sur un autre support.

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La nouvelle extension de Blood Bowl II est sorti aujourd'hui ainsi qu'une nouvelle mise à jour, appelée Legendary :


Patch notes - Free Legendary Update


  • Resurrection mode - new League option
  • Wissen Tournament (= Swiss Format) - new competition format 
  • 20 new Star Players (more than 50 in total).
  • Dice overview at the end of a match.
  • New skills behaviour:
    • Kick: You can now see where the ball will land with and without the use of kick, and choose if you use the skill or not accordingly.
    • Side Step: The skill is optional in case of chain-push.
    • Grab: You can choose not to use the skill if you can crowdsurf an opponent by not using it.
  • New option to make some skills optional: Pass, Dodge, Tackle, Fend, Tentacles, Break Tackle.
  • GUI improvements
    • Option to display tooltip in dice probability.
    • FAME displayed in match.
    • Confirmation pop-up when conceding.
    • New Coach view displaying only the acquired skills.
    • New dice log option to display more details (all the modifiers).
  • Option to spend 50k gold to get a skill when hiring a mercenary.
  • Option to mute chat in a match.
  • Player card visually evolving with player's level.
  • New admin tools (ageing option in singleplayer, league blacklist, mixed AI/players league, manual seeding in competition, enhanced match administration).
  • AI/human mixed competitions (up to 8 AIs).
  • League chat (PC/Mac only).
  • You can now save & quit in a singleplayer game.
  • Post-match chat.
  • Free camera mode.
  • Multiplayer pause system.
  • Option to deactivate ageing in singleplayer league.
  • AI enhancement.
  • Cosmetic enhancements.
  • Overall game speed increased by 10%.
  • New blue Disturbing Presence visual effect when both teams have a player with that skill.
  • You can now fire a player directly from the roster page.
  • New pop-up explaining how the penalties work.
  • Tweak to the inducement system: cash spent by the overdog bringing the team below the 150k limit is given to the underdog team.
  • Cosmetic enhancements (better display of cyrilic, camera shaking when a big blitzes, new image for babes in inducements...)



  • Fixed: A Secret Weapon player who enters the pitch thanks to the Perfect Defence event is not expelled at the end of the drive.
  • Fixed: SideStep is not usable if the player is under BoneHead/VeryStupid or Hypnotic Gaze.
  • Fixed: A non-blitz block action with a Juggernaut player cancels the opponent Wrestle.
  • Fixed: Problem with Stunty and Mighty Blow (if you roll a 8+MB : standard Casualty roll, if you roll a 9+MB : always Badly Hurt -> it should be the contrary)
  • Fixed: The ball is desync when you try to pick up the ball and dodge the opponent in the same move if you fail the first dodge and successfully reroll it.
  • Fixed: If you plan a move+foul action but your player is followed by a Shadowing player, the foul is activated from afar and the turn of your player ends (red circle).
  • Fixed: You can foul a player while scoring a touchdown.
  • Fixed: A player thrown during this turn doesn't have to use 3 movement points to stand up.
  • Fixed: No turnover if a troll eats the goblin holding the ball.


Quand l'extension, elle apporte notamment 8 nouvelles races ainsi que différents ajouts :


  • 8 new teams
    • Amazon
    • Underworld Denizens
    • Halflings
    • Goblin
    • Vampire
    • Ogre
    • Elven Union
    • Kislev Circus
  • Eternal League (singleplayer endless campaign - more details here[forums.focus-home.com])
  • Challenge Mode (more info here[forums.focus-home.com])
  • Mixed Teams
  • 2 new cheerleader types: Orc and Dwarf
  • All-Star Teams
  • New Khemri Stadium
  • Team Editor


Si il y a du monde d’intéresser pour faire un nouveau tournoi ou championnat, n'hésitez pas à le me faire savoir.

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