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Infinite Legacy : Fight for Universe

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Je suis tombé sur le mod sut steam (on en a déjà parlé je crois sur le forum). Il modifie pas mal de choses et en ajoute aussi comme de nouveaux systèmes de voyage, une nouvelle gestion des ressources.


Current Features:
Added 3~4 more expensive variations of original traits.
Balanced trait bonuses, because -25% in multiplier is opposite to +33% and not to +25%.
Added a "Legacy" trait series that allows you to start with different Starting Solar System (correct system should be chose manually in "Name & Class" - choosing something that you don't have trait for will make you regret doing so).
Rebalanced Strategic Resources related Structures (and removed their build limit):
Advanced Strategic Structures - do not consume strategic resource, but require tile with said strategic resource in order to be built. Consume serious amount of energy and some minerals. Provide serious bonuses to the empire.
Light Strategic Structures - can be built at any tile, but consume said strategic resource. Consume small amount of power and minerals. Cheaper and faster to build. Provide meager bonuses to the empire.
Added capability to acquire other FTL methods through an extensive research.
Added new initializer that rarely spawns systems with Wrecked Ringworlds.
Added unique tiles set images, background image and tile blocker images for Ringworlds.
Improved GUI to allow bigger number of resources to show.
Improved GUI to allow show more then 4 traits for race without problem.
Construction of Colony Ship is decreased to 120 days.
Added decent Russian language localization for the mod.
Changed some fonts for English version and almost all fonts for Russian version.
Egalitarian and Hierarchical are types of social order and not ethics, thus they don't cost anything. Fanatical versions cost 1 point instead of 2.

Planned Features:
Rebalance current terraforming and add capability to terraform non-colonizable planets.
Add capability and technology to repair and upgrade already existent Ringworlds.
Add advanced variants of the FTL methods:
Warp Drive will be renamed into Resonance Warp Drive.
Hyperdrive will be renamed into Positron Hyperdrive.
Wormhole Generator won't be renamed.
Jump Drive will be renamed into Particle Jump Drive.
Psi Jump Drive will be renamed into Psi-Force Jump Drive.
Immaterium Warp Drive - a bit slower than standard Particle Jump Drive, much faster then classis Warp Drive and energy efficient. Uses alternative, more efficient and more dangerous warp technology then classic warp. By default has almost zero chance to open Eye of Terror and summon Chaos Gods with their minions, but very prolonged usage increases this chance.
Quantum Slipstream Drive - very fast, fail-safe and also very energy hungry interstellar travel method. Drive consumes a huge amount of energy to constantly adjust the phase variance of a quantum field in order to maintain stable quantum slipstream.
Void Rending Hyperdrive - fast and very energy efficient travel method. But makes ship’s hull and components much more fragile. Prolonged usage decreases shields capacity and efficiency up to 50% or 75% (based on current technology level of the race).
Mass Effect Relay - consumes resources every time, when used. One-way fleet travel method, very high activation speed, but has very limited range. Has nothing to do with Commander Shepard and/or Reapers. Well, at least it doesn’t invite neither of them to our universe.
Lambda Shifting Drive - fast and energy balanced interstellar travel method that utilizes Lambda sub-space for multiple jumps to reach destination. Prolonged usage makes drive (or Lambda sub-space unstable), which can result in some ships being lost in Lambda sub-space and then reappear in random parts of the galaxy.
Nexus Tunnel Generator - generates two-way nexus tunnel to the selected location. Requirement of second NTG on the other side is optional, but consumes resources and energy if NTG on the other side isn’t placed. Generation range is high, but still limited.
Stellar Rift Drive - most advanced and fail-safe interstellar travel technology. Allows ships to travel through created stellar rifts, which instantly and completely close up after ship successfully passed through it. Has equal travel time between any source and destination coordinates, regardless of the range between them. Requires special Einsof Generator (a lot of energy) in order to operate.
Add a lot of new technologies.
Add a lot of new modules.
Add a lot of new weapons.
Rework Defense Stations to: Outpost → Bastion → Fortress → Citadel → Starbase
Rework Ship Classes to: Corvette (1) → Frigate (2) → Destroyer (4) → Cruiser (6) → Battlecruiser (12) → Battleship (18) → Dreadnought (36) → Titan (54)
Add custom 3D models for each weapon branch.

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